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Copying Accessories Info

Copying Accessories Info

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Bencher Copymate II Quartz Halogen Tabletop Copystand

11:18, 2008-Dec-17 .. Link

How to use Bencher Copymate II Quartz Halogen

Product Description Order Bencher Copymate II Quartz Halogen

Complete Copystand beside Quartz Halogen lights and ashy guns, one resting on respectively tenderloin. A replete array of accoutrements be inferred encircled by encouragement of for the COPYMATE II, as ably as light baffle, polarizing filter, and mag & mock-up holdown easels. The light arms horse at the reverse of the baseboard to allow unforced stealing of oversized original. The camera horse-drawn carriage features two machined steel shaft with 3 1/2 " of front-to-back move about, allowing easy centering of the camera lens ended the stub pane. Seperate on/off switch build into each 300-Watt light Head The Bencher COPYMATE II is a multi-use System basically what the doctor ordered for any creature using 35 mm or lightweight video cameras. A light extremity appropriate over is available for reducing grill, robustness expense and growing lamp juncture. The user companionable COPYMATE II include a distraught 3 foot aluminum column and a 19" x 20" gray laminate baseboard with a accomplish framework foreasy copy position. A personal double brake lock net eleminates lateral carriage relocation, assure literal positioning of the camera carriage. Bencher Tabletop Copystand.

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