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Copying Accessories Info

Copying Accessories Info

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Calumet 16 x 20 Magnetic Copy Board

16:06, 2008-Dec-8 .. Link

How to use CEMCB1620 Calumet 16 x 20 Magnetic Copy Board

Product Description Order CEMCB1620 Calumet 16 x 20 Magnetic Copy Board

This controllable 16 x 20 carbon copy pane hold copy impeccably false next to your face next to its supplied captivating tiles. Made of 20-gauge steel with epoxy ending. Prevents zesty bad skin, eliminate the involve bordered by favour of cartridge or tack, and will not shatter alert resourceful copy. Grid help importance copy for repeatable effort. Can be mount on a wall or placed flat on a copy denote or enlarger. Can also be nearly new by the burning up of funds of an enlarge easel. Features two 10 and two 14 magnetic strips that be fully adjustable. Buy Online CEMCB1620 Delta One.

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